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What is XenCare?
XenCare SoftLock
What is Proactive Security?

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What is XenCare?

I have installed XenCare SoftLock, but it’s not showing any effect?

How do I stop XenCare?

How can I set XenCare to start at startup?

I have exited XenCare, but still it’s working, why?

How can I configure different options of XenCare?

How do I know if XenCare is working?

I can delete msi files from the system, why?

Why XenCare is not protecting my computer for binary file modification?

How much memory does XenCare take?

Do you have any Linux distribution?

Where can I find the detailed log file of XenCare?

Will it interfere with my anti-virus?

Do you have other language menu except English?

I have uninstalled the application from Add/Remove Program menu of windows, but still i can see the XenCare icon in taskbar, why?

XenCare is not running in my 64 bit Operating System, why?

In my Windows Vista, XenCare SoftLock is not starting at System Startup, why?

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