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What is XenCare?
XenCare SoftLock
What is Proactive Security?

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Product Name: XenCare SoftLock

Following downloads are available for version 2.1

Release Notes :

1. WhiteList(a list of friendly processes) can be generated to make known process operation smooth.
2. The total number of blocked processes are now shown.
3. More cleaner uninstaller.
4. Improved UI
5. Now SoftLock runs in Windows 2000.
6. This version runs on 32bit Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/2000.





Older Version: SoftLock v2.0

Product Name: XenCare Startup Blaster

Following downloads are available for version 1.0

Release Notes :

1. User can set start of programs manually or in a configurable time.
2. Reads entries from users registry.
3. Shows entries form scheduled task of current user.
4. Startup Folder is not monitored.
5. Startup registry is monitored for any new entry.
6. Uninstallation restores everything to as it was.
7. This version runs only on 32 bit Microsoft Windows XP






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