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What is XenCare?
XenCare SoftLock
What is Proactive Security?

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Bundled with cutting-edge technology, proactive security from any external threat, and unmatched security expertise with kernel-level detection Ė that's XenCare. With years of research and development, XenCare promises to make the IT arena safer than ever but still allows you to manage your PC as you like.

XenCare Software is a Seattle, USA based software security solution provider. XenCare has an offshore development site in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

XenCare Software builds its solution for the future using few patent pending technologies to provide proactive protection. Future security solution for 21st century should protect system from threats that hasnít been seen yet. XenCare SoftLock is just a step forward to that direction.

Our mailing address:
    XenCare Software
    17446 NE 28th ST
    Redmond, WA 98052
    Tel: 425-445-7157

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